A case in point

In my last post, I mentioned that I feel that a useful pre-emptive approach to any future potential energy/climate crises is that anyone who plays ‘greener than thou’ should be rendered for bio-diesel.

Little did I know that within mere minutes I would come upon three apposite examples. Hardly surprising, though, that those should emerge from an article in that vile repository of creeping green totalitarianism the Guardian, where misanthropic bint Madeleine Bunting explains her version of a green utopian future in which, amongst many other shining beacons of hope :

your children will not be better off than you – in fact, in many significant material ways they will be worse off

along with these unpalatable home truths will be the need for intervention in the minutiae of people’s lives: how much you heat your home or use water; how you move and eat.

She is soundly rebutted by both Mr Eugenides and Longrider so I won’t waste time by enumerating all the ways in which she is an evil harpy, instead we shall move on to the other walking fuel substitutes she name checks in her article.

Step forward one Professor Tim Jackson, author of a report titled “Prosperity Without Growth”

He isn’t the first person to erroneously conflate GDP with consumption, fail to grasp the more obvious truths expressed by Mazlo, to suggest massive social engineering projects (or brainwashing, as I like to call it) that favour industries in which he has a financial interest, or to suggest wholesale socio-economic change without so much as a single cost benefit analysis. And he won’t be the last.

He’s clever though. He’s had a good hard look at capitalism and realised that if you want to provide global prosperity without having to rub the evil grit of GDP growth in Gaia’s soft and loving eyes, you can, in fact, achieve it with one incredibly simple step. Can you guess what it is ? Yes, that’s right, you simply redefine what prosperity means! It’s so simple it’s wonder a moron didn’t think of it … oh … wait.

Number three in our list of future vehicle emissions is Anthony Giddens a man so stupid that the tagline to the linked article reads “We are on the brink of a revolution: the demise of the fossil-fuel economy”.

Unless Giddens knows something the rest of us don’t abut fusion research this is arsewash, and likely to remain so until a brealthrough in that area is achieved.

Says Bunting :

The role of state intervention will be huge; people’s choices will have to be “edited”, admits Anthony Giddens in his recent book, The Politics of Climate Change. Leaving individuals to find the moral strength to resist the cultural pressures will simply not be effective (the MPs’ expenses saga would seem to justify this conclusion). Our lives will have to be regulated in ways that we can’t imagine. Consumer advertising will have to be curbed to prevent it exploiting insecurity and anxiety to create new markets.

Edited ? My behaviour will have to be edited ? And this is some awful secret known only to him that he grudgingly shares with the rest of us, is it ? Come round to my house Anthony and try to edit to me. I’ll happily cut and paste you into the recycle bin, you utter twat.

As a final indication of just how lacking in critical faculties the author is, she posits a question :

“What will be difficult is the governance of these changes: what kind of state will be required to push these changes through ?”

A fucking horrible totalitarian one with no respect for human beings, you stupid puritan harridan.

Truly these people are the Green Slime


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