Not getting it is the new black

Oh what a massive surprise. Speaker Michael Martin, walking affront to democracy and probity, has rolled out the standard New Labour line. He’s done wrong, he’s sorry, and he’s going to take full responsibility for his actions by, erm, not in any way stepping down from his job.

I’ve spent the day plugged into the news watching Labour’s whips and spin doctors trying to convince me that I don’t like him because I’m a hateful snobbish class bully. No, I don’t like him because he’s shit. You know it, we know it, to pretend otherwise is patently ridiculous.

Then there’s the likes of the odious Foulkes, a man who believes that reporters asking elected representatives searching questions undermines democracy, and the even viler Stuart Bell, throwing out the “Don’t make him a scapegoat for the system.” hybrid meme.

He won’t be a scapegoat. That would imply that the public would satisfied that if he went, that would be an end of it. We could, as the slimy bastards so often say, “move forward”.

Wrong-a-wrong-oh. Wronger than Mr and Mrs Wrong and all the Wrong Children on a trip to Wrongland.

Martin doesn’t get it, he doesn’t care about or understand the public’s opinion, and he doesn’t yet understand the MPs’, and neither do the whips. MPs will be happy to sacrifice Martin if they think it will help to save there own craven hides. The MPs, for the most part, still don’t quite get it, despite what Harman might say. You only have to listen to the supercilious posturings of Margaret Beckett to understand that.

The only MP I’ve seen who actually does ‘get it’ is rather surprisingly Dianne Abbot, who on the BBC’s ‘This Week’ program on Thursday said “The public don’t want to see people apologising and giving back money, they want to see dead MPs hanging from lamp posts.”

Right you are Dianne. Right you are. This isn’t going to stop any time soon.

Martin won’t be a scapegoat, the only sins visited upon him will be his own. And the rest of them will follow. And they still don’t understand this.


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