Dizzy makes a point that I’ve been hearing and reading all week, mostly from MPs and still fawning Journos :

“All MPs are venal money grabbing bastards out to fleece us, right? If you say yes then I’m afraid you’re wrong. It’s taken a full week of expenses stories for me to come a slightly different confusion. That is that some MPs are venal money grabbing bastards out to fleece us, whilst the majority of the others are not.”

I’m not at all sure about “the majority”, but I’m prepared to accept that there must be one or two, at least. who didn’t fiddle their expenses and therefore perhaps don’t deserve to be labelled ‘venal’.

On the other hand, where are they ? Where are the ‘honest’ MPs appearing on Newsnight, News 24, Sky News, Marr, The Daily Politics, This Week, Today, etc, to explain that they are honest and to roundly condemn their venal colleagues ?

For the last ten days all I have heard is “can’t comment on specific cases”, “not familiar with the details”, “it’s for individuals to defend their own claims”, and all the usual childish fingers in the ears deflection tactics routinely deployed by the “political class”.

So OK, there may be some MPs who are not venal, but the remainder are surely craven, afraid to stand up and speak out against what they know to be wrong.

They are surely then just as deserving of our contempt.


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