S.O.C.A – Weapons grade stupidity

I noted with some disbelief last week auntie beeb running some blatant propaganda from SOCA bigging themselves up for winning the War on (some) Drugs. Clearly their in house propagandists have been taking advantage of their position and sucking on a seized crack pipe.

I had to watch the piece go past twice on Pravda 24 and look it up on the website before I was sure it wasn’t a mistake or some kind of dark ironic joke.

The international cocaine market is “in retreat” after a year of successful operations around the world, the Serious Organised Crime Agency claims.

Is it ? Is it really ? Well, no.

It says its undercover work has helped send wholesale prices soaring.

Prices per kilo have risen from £39,000 in 2008 to over £45,000 (50,000 euros), but street prices have remained stable.

Erm, run that by me again ? Street level prices have remained stable, indicating that demand and supply have remained stable. The wholesale price has gone up, which means a) wholesalers make more money per kilo and b) the Bolivian marching powder that’s reaching the retail market is probably shite …

Figures obtained by the BBC suggest almost a third of police seizures are now less than 9% pure, the lowest recorded purity level.

Yeah, that is bad, and what’s the nose candy being cut with ?

…the cancer-causing drug phenacetin, cockroach insecticide and pet worming powder.

Oh wow. Fucking great. So all this crazy undercover James Bond shit that SOCA seem be laying claim to by association is very probably physically harming cocaine users. And long term recreational users will be having to spend more to get high, further enriching all the people in the supply chain.

So was harming drug users on SOCA’s to do list ? No. According to the “Strategic Imperatives” listed in SOCA’s annual report (PDF, page 9) one of their goals is to

collaborate with partners, join up domestic and international efforts to reduce harm and provide high
quality support to partners;

So they’re supposed to be reducing harm, but they have almost certainly increased the harm occurring to cocaine users. They have achieved exactly the opposite of their “strategic imperative”. And they are calling this a victory in their press releases ?

WTF ? Seriously, WTF ?


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