Flagged up by OH , the LPUK blog and by Simon Clark on Taking Liberties, it seems that there will be some form of protest in London on Saturday to show MPs what we think of their disgusting avarice. It’s scheduled for 12pm to 3pm in Parliament Square (Google Maps, Wikipedia)

The post on the LPUK blog says :

“… pass this message on — via your blog, Facebook, Twitter or any other means.”

And I am happy to oblige. So far two whole people have viewed this blog, and I suppose it’s just barely possible that maybe one of them will even come back. Every little helps.

For once I will actually be in London when something interesting happens, and since I’m passing through Waterloo in the afternoon and it’s only a five minute stroll away it would seem rude not to attend. So count me in for this one.

I have one reservation, namely that no MPs will be there to hear. Firstly because they don’t work weekends, those being reserved for “constituency work” which presumably involves a whole lot of couch time in front of all those massive TVs we bought for them. Secondly because the workshy thieves will be on a parliamentary recess. For whitsun.

The full schedule of parliamentary hols is here, something to remember next time you hear some smug bastard MP on the TV whining about how hard they work.

UPDATE : It appears that some hippies are laying on an anti police demo in Trafalgar Square as a kind of after party, so it looks like a busy day in London this Saturday. I don’t know, you don’t go on a march for decades and then two come along at once.


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