Moran, Kirkbride, Vomit

Moran’s statement, reported by the BBC, contains the usual “all within the rules” rubbish

“However, it is very important that I make it absolutely clear that I have done nothing wrong or dishonest in relation to my claim for expenses and have at all times acted on advice from the House of Commons Fees Office in relation to my family home in Southampton”

And so that’s not why she’s going, oh no, it’s because

“The understandable anger in the media and amongst the public over the issue of my Parliamentary expenses has had a bruising effect upon my friends, my family and my health”

And Krikbride is just as bad

“I understand people are angry about the way MPs’ expenses operate, it is very hard to defend “

Will that stop her from trying though ?

“But until this week’s furore, it didn’t cross my mind that I had done anything wrong.”

No, apparently not.

“I also must take into account the effects on my family.”

Oh, puke.

It gets worse though, in the Telegraph, drawn to my attention by Tom Paine she claims that her having to stand down for being a liar and a thief will discourage mothers from becoming MPs

“Just before this story broke, I spoke to a woman journalist thinking of entering Parliament. Her main concern was the effect it would have on her children. I assured her it was possible to combine an MP’s life with being a good mother, as long as she organised her support structure well. That must continue to be the case – or Parliament risks taking a step backwards.”

I’ve got news for you dearie, most working mothers that I know would bite your arms off just for your base salary without the fraudulent expenses. Don’t you dare try to justify your lying and theft because you have a child to support while millions of others manage just fine. Some people chose to sacrifice their careers for their children, since your allows you to get sixty K to build “an extension” I can see why you thought it was better not to.

Sickening. No apology, no admission of guilt despite being found out in deception and fraud, no understanding that the avarice at others expense is wrong at all. No remorse except at the loss of gravy train privileges. Just a continuing plaintive whine about being persecuted, in these cases because they happen to be females with family responsibilities.

As Tim Worstall pointed out when Jacqui Smith tried the same trick back in April, telling the Daily Mail

that she was the victim of a smear campaign over her expenses because she is a woman with no independent wealth.

No love, we´re not picking on you because you have a twat but because you are a twat.



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