Bring a Nazi to work day

Not sure I agree with all of Clarkson’s leader in The Sun but he nails the public opinion and makes a rather amusing point

And if you let half of Africa come to Britain – no matter how morally correct this may be – you’re going to wind people up and gift the BNP your seat.

Then we’ll see how tolerant these champagne socialists are.

When they go to work and find themselves sitting next to a Nazi.

Yes, yes we will. What fun it would be to see a BNP MP sat next to a Labour MP in the house after 30 years of them wailing ‘No Platform!’. What joyous rapture to watch them squirm as after all this time they finally have to deal with the slack jawed storm troopers of hatred up close and personal. What fun it will be to watch their “freedom to think as we tell you, freedom to say as we allow you” rhetoric go into overdrive.

And since they will be both be extremist minority parties, it’s thankfully pretty unlikely that they’ll be able to do to much damage when they realise just how much they have in common.

H/T Dick Puddlecote who pulls out some other gems


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