Gordon Brown : “Lalalalalalalala! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”

When asked today what he would do if virtually everyone in the Labour Party turned up at his office and told him he was a diabolical liability and it would really be best for everyone if he just cleared his desk and fucked off, Brown smugly replied that he would simply stick his fingers in his ears and shout “Lalalalalalalala! I CAN’T HEAR YOU!” until they all got bored and went away again or there was a general election.

Or at least I think that’s what he said. I haven’t watched the Marr interview because Marr is a pathetic interviewer and I can’t stand to watch Brown at the best of times.

His lying, dissembling, mumbling, grunting, gurning and odd collection of facial ticks – which resemble nothing quite so much as someone in the middle of a particularly nasty Transient Ischemic Attack – combine to form a bizarre parody of a human being to which the very briefest of exposure makes me want to run screaming to the kitchen and scrub the inside of my head out with bleach and a brillo pad.

So I’m relying on the description in the Times (although practically the same article is on all the Sundays’ websites) for this

The Prime Minister said directly he would reject any move from within the Cabinet to persuade him to stand down.

Mr Brown said he would refuse to move aside even if senior Labour figures told him it would help the party retain seats as a general election, arguing that his focus was on tackling the recession and pushing through a programme of constitutional reform.

One of the words most commonly used to describe this disaster of a man in the blogosphere (at least by those bloggers who haven’t got their tongues firmly spot welded to his rectum) is ‘Tribal’. The theory has generally been that Gordon is all about Labour.

He’s not though, is he ? As we can clearly see from his responses it’s not just the proles who can go and fuck themselves as far as he’s concerned, it’s the rest of his own party as well.

Gordon Brown belongs to a tribe of two, there’s just him and his monstrous ego. Can there seriously be any doubt remaining, now, that he is genuinely delusional ? Certainly he’s delusional enough to think that the PLP will put up with being treated like that by the great leader.

UPDATE : Brown is so over that even “government weep rag” LabourList are saying mean things about him

Time and again, we the rank and file, have had to squirm as the Prime Minister’s political judgement has been exposed as sorely wanting

Goodbye Gordon, it wasn’t nice knowing you. Don’t come back.


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