Hypocrisy : A cardinal example

After the Arch Druid’s weepy outburst last week about how we should all stop humiliating the poor lamb MPs who have been caught not only with their hands our pockets but then brazenly lying about it, one might expect that this was the default Christian position. Live and let live, turn the other cheek, forgiveness and all that tosh. One would apparently be wrong.

And after the very public confirmation of the Catholic churches long standing penchant for buggering children and covering it up, the ensuing media frenzy, and in particular the appalling PR generated by the surrealist spectacle of the Most Rev Nichols praising the courage of the molesters, you’d think that the blokes in the dresses and the big hats would be keeping their heads down a bit.

Not a bit of it though

Britain’s most senior Roman Catholic, Cardinal Keith O’Brien, will launch an attack on greedy politicians during an address in Edinburgh.

Will he really, on what grounds would that be then ?

The cardinal will say MPs failed to set “objective standards of behaviour for a generation” and had “fallen from grace” during the recent expenses scandal.

Yes he did really say that, he really really did say that.

Seriously, how does a man in a dress representing a church that has institutionalised child rape and has been proven to be a sheltered haven for pederasts manage to somehow believe that he is in any position to lecture people about “objective standards of behaviour” ?

Or is that just me ?


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