Quelle horror!

Broadband speeds the last few days have been substantially slower than those achieved by my last dial up modem many moons ago (a rather nice external 56kbps voice modem with the lights and the switches and the excellent features for wardialling, but I digress).

I am told that this will improve “sometime in the next 72 hours”, will require an engineer to “visit my exchange” (where are all the engineers hanging out if not at the exchange, which is a fair sized staffed branch office ? Would have thought there would be at least a couple handy.) presumably to reset the DSLAM which appears to have decided that my connection should be running at 256 Kbps, some 16 times slower than it should be configured, and that in fact I can’t really have all of that either (my typical data transfer rates at the moment are around 29 Kbps, approximating the third dial up modem I ever owned. In about 1990.) and may even constitute “an outage in my area”.



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