FFS – stop telling me what to think, collectivist borg scum

So Purnell sticks the knife in, it’s well and truly over, but the Labour borg can not admit that anything is at all wrong.

Comrade after sodding comrade popping up on screen this evening to point out that what I am supposed to be concerning myself with, as an ‘ordinary’ person, is jobs’n’families and the economy. Hmm, except I don’t have a job, I’m self employed and business is picking up. I don’t have any rug rats, and my cat is cheap to run. And according to Comrade Smith yesterday, the Fat Controller has already saved the world economy, so no worries there.

Serious time has been dedicated to chiding the precocious political journalists and reminding them of what the public want and don’t want to see.

According to the hastily deployed brigade of toadies, bootlicks and arse lickers, what the public especially don’t want to see is labour spending a long time on a leadership battle. It would take a long time, of course, because the unions who pay the party bills would have to have a say. It could take months.

Well, tovarish, let me tell you this : I’m no cheerleader for the Tories, I have no reason to expect they’d be any less venal and incompetent than you lot, especially after Hague’s awful performance opposite Paxo the other night. But over the past 12 years I have come to despise the Labour party so much that I’d happily sit and watch you all slowly wind your intestines out with a stick.

So if you think that the prospect of witnessing your grubby little tribe slowly destroy itself in an epic and bloody orgy of internecine squabbling is in any way unappealing to me you are dead, dead wrong.

I am, in fact, gagging for it.


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