Labour : Democracy ? Pah!

Labour have suffered their worst electoral defeat in more than 60 years, they have lost ground to their pet bogeyman the BNP been beaten into the ground by a parties they have labelled “fringe” Or “extremist”. They are in open revolt against their most unpopular leader ever.

There has been some chatter on auntie beeb’s rolling news channel this afternoon about whether the backbench rebels have the strength to topple their leader. It’s not about strength though, Brown has to be the weakest PM in living memory, he would fall to a weak shove, it’s about weather they have the balls to stand up to him and the stomach to deal with the consequences.

More even than that, it is about their attitude to democracy and the electorate. There is no doubt, now, that Labour will no longer be the party of government after the next election. Even before the EU results the BBC’s Nick Brown – who is trying very hard to remain a creepy little bootlick – was moved to reveal that cabinet ministers’ were privately telling him that the choice they had to make was one between a long slow lingering death if Brown stays or an instant death if he goes and a general election is called.

Baron von Fey is currently doing the rounds promoting exactly this line as a reason for keeping the walking corpse at the head of the party machine in place.

It might even work, and if it does it will represent the most damning indictment of the Labour party we’ve seen so far, and it’s a field of very strong contenders. For the message that is sent to the electorate if craven New Labour decides to stick it out for another year is simply this : “We don’t give a rat’s ass what you think.”

If, knowing full well that they would lose an election, they shy away from it, they demonstrate once again that their contempt for us – and for democracy – is total. Their continuing cries of “for the good of the country” ring extraordinarily hollow when the country thinks what’s best for it is for Labour to pack up and go.

The numbers are very clear. Labour have been polling at around 18%, last night they took a meagre 15.7% of the vote, more than 60% of the public want a general election now. The Brownites can not be ignorant of this so we must draw the conclusion that they simply don’t care. Hardly a surprise to long time spectators of this gruesome socialist carnival it’s true.

But the problem for Labour now is that it simply can’t rely on the oft talked about voter apathy and political disengagement any more. The sleeping lion that is the British electorate has woken to find 646 grasping hands in its threadbare pockets, and roused from its long slumber it is seriously pissed off. We are used, these days, to getting our democracy in a fairly direct and instant manner . We decide things – who goes next, who’s got talent, who stays in the jungle – in mere hours with a simple text message. The public will not be satisfied with waiting a whole year to vote off their least favourite politicians.

The days to come will be revealing. Whether or not Labour decide to remove their accursed monocular helmsman matters little. The only thing that will leave them with even a shred of honour or dignity is to call a general election as soon as possible. To continue without when they have no mandate, when they have a party in open revolt and a weakened leader with a cabinet full of sloppy seconds will cause irreparable damage to the party. If Labour’s MPs truly love the party as much as they claim to in their resignation letters, they will go to the country. If they carry on, we can only assume that Boris Johnson’s rather unkind suggestion that what they really love more than anything, more than their country which they claim they serve, more than their party which they claim they owe everything, is their salaries, exes and bennies.


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