Cargo cult PLP roll over for trinkets

So craven are they that those of the PLP that bothered to turn up to Grodon’s tub thumping session yesterday – and according to Dale it was mostly the borg drones party loyalists in any case – were, with a few notable exceptions, pacified with the promise that one day there will be a proper prime minister (the pilot) and some real policy (the cargo).

For now, they seem to have accepted a few shiny meaningless policy trinkets. Nebulous baubles that will doubtless fail to materialise, or have little meaning if they do. For a start, they only have until May, how much policy can you really get into that gap ? Knock off a few months from the far end for the general election campaigning, a few off this end for all the supposed reforms, another few for Gordon to fly around the world on his magic carpet dispensing largesse to the world’s shattered economies and healing the sick and the lame, and what’s left ? Six months ? Less ?

It will take that long to just to write the terms of reference for an Iraq inquiry. As far as the post office issue is concerned, El Gordo can simply delay it, something he would probably have done anyway. He really has no choice since EU legislation says he has to open it up to competition and state monopolies don’t do competition.

He can just slide the issue off to one side and leave it as well poison for the nasty tories to deal with after they win a landslide at the next general election, boo hiss to them, destroying our national assets, etc.

Frank Field thinks they were terrorised into it, BoJo thinks they did it for the money.

Toynbee, of all people for god’s sake, nails it

Dazed, gripped by delusion, the party tonight bottled it

Worth a read just for the utterly surreal sight of Labour’s in house rag and chief cheerleader putting the boot very firmly in.

Whatever it was that caused them to fold it was a mistake. As I blogged yesterday, failure at this point to remove Brown and have an election will damage the labour party beyond repair. The PLP members who backed Brown last night have failed not only to put country before party but failed to put the party before themselves, choosing to lash themselves to the mast of a sinking ship.

As Red Ken is so busily pointing out on the news channels though, it isn’t just the PLP that Brown is beholden to, there’s the rest of the party as well. The activists and the unions, I can’t help wondering if Byers launching his attack from the Progress meeting is a sign of things to come. There was some awful borg drone progress labour loyalist on TV afterwards rolling out the now familliat “Gordon’s poo smells of roses” spin, but reports from within the meeting beg to differ, as this tweet shows

A very clear majority of the room @ Progress meeting in future of Labour applaud Stephen Byers call for Gordon Brown to stand down #progress

mattcooke2012   Jun 8   20:19

It is in the interests of the PLP to stay where they are, they’re mostly going to lose their jobs anyway. those that aren’t due to outright lose their seats will likely be replaced by their constituency parties bringing in ‘clean skins’ in a a desperate attempt to garner support.

I imagine that the rest of the party members, who have no seats to forfeit, no salaries or pension benefits to lose, and with lifetimes of emotional and financial investment, will feel somewhat differently about the prospect of seeing it sacrificed at the alter of avarice

Oh sweet, sweet, irony.

UPDATE : Paul Waugh of the Standard, who did an entertaining job of reporting the event via twitter, has the inside skinny including this gem

The biggest laugh of the evening came when Geraldine Smith, a leading rebel on the Royal Mail plans, said: “Something very strange happened to me on Sunday morning, watching Andrew Marr….I started to love Peter Mandelson.” The Business Secretary is said to have allowed himself a small smile.

Yes, yes that is strange. Vile bootlick.

Smith went on to say Brown was the best man on the economy Labour had.

And that, my dear trot mentalists, is exactly the problem.


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