Retards Against Fascism throw eggs, punches at griffin, fling poop in the eyes of democracy

So here we are again, the odious Nick Griffin MEP, leader of the BNP is about to give a press conference – as is he is perfectly entitled to do – and then Unite Against Fascism wade in, chuck eggs, cut up rough, punch and kick the BNP members, hospitalise someone and chase the BNP off.

I disagree with the BNP on practically everything but there is one point upon which we agree. As a legal political party, with elected representatives, they are as entitled to their opinions and the right to express to them as anyone else. Period.

Unite Against Fascism, however, disagree. Their spokeswoman has just told the BBC that the Griffin and BNP should have no right to a voice, that there should be no freedom of speech for them. They are prepared to enforce their No Platform! policy with violence. How odd, that the ‘anti fascists’ are prepared to suppress the opinions of those with whom they disagree by using force. Anyone with half a brain would call that fascism.

This was of course, a massive own goal. ‘No Platform’ always is. Always was, as those of us unlucky enough to witness its emergence in student union politics can attest. Within minutes of the scenes being aired on the BBC, emails and texts were being read out which said, universally, “I don’t agree with the BNP but …”. Yes, the retards at UAF have managed to actively raise sympathy for Nick Griffin from the British public. Around 93% of which wouldn’t ordinarily piss on him if he were on fire.

Nor did they deny him his platform, Griffin got interviewed at length by the BBC by phone and was able to make excellent political capital out of the whole thing, telling the BBC that UAF are an anti democratic militia supported by other political parties who wish to prevent him from exercising his democratic rights.

And you know what ? He’s right. Indeed one of the protesters was wearing a house of commons pass.

As befits a policy that had its genesis in student politics, ‘No platform’ is childish, spiteful and thoroughly counter-productive. It has no place in a mature democracy. Unite Against Fascism, and the left in general, are so intellectually bankrupt that they are totally unable to engage with the BNP like adults. Unable to allow them into the debate. Because they are terrified of loosing.

Utterly pathetic.


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  1. Very well said, but is it really a surprise considering searchlight, UAF and it’s ilk tend to be full of communists? Or rather swp members.

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