Earth Calling Labour : Just bugger off before you break something important

As the fat controller prepares to deliver his much trailed ideas about electoral reform, not that I can recall anyone asking him for any, I have simply this to say.

Go. Go now. Do not fiddle with anything before you go. We do not trust you. We do not trust the opposition. We want a general election. If we ever end up with a house that we feel that we can trust then let’s have this discussion, which we haven’t asked for, with them, then let’s have a referendum.

We do not want you to reform the electoral system, you will only corrupt it. We do not want you to reform the MPs expense system for the same reason. Simply publish the claims in full, that is all that is necessary. There is no need for an independent body to regulate MPs. MPs should be capable of regulating themselves. If they can not be trusted to do this, as you can not, then we need new MPs not a new system.

Please just bugger off now before you break something important that can’t easily be fixed. You have already destroyed your party, please don’t piss in the country’s chips on your way out.


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