You are guilty of child abuse until we say you aren’t

Bad news for parents who chose to educate their children at home instead of sending them in to the soul destroying wasteland cherishing arms of the state education system.

A review of home education in England is expected to recommend a national registration scheme for home educators.

Now whenever the Stalinist apparatchiks of the state start talking about building a database ‘register’ of anything you just know that it’s only going to be the tip of a very unpleasant iceberg.

And so it proves to be in this case.

It is also expected to say local authorities should have the right to visit any child taught at home.

Because ?

the government has also been concerned that home education could be a cover for abuse.

Despite the fact that

the review has not found any evidence that home education was being used specifically to conceal trafficked children, or forced marriages.

So on exactly no evidence, the state demands the right to enter your home because they need to make sure you aren’t abusing your children.

And just so you don’t make the mistake of thinking that really this is just about local authorities responsibility to ensure children are educated

The review is not expected to propose any minimum standards or set subjects.

As Peter Hitchens points out in here

I haven’t any evidence that any members of the House of Lords abuse their children, because there isn’t any. But on this logic, that state of affairs would presumably entitle the Department ‘For Children’ to probe their Lordships’ House for evidence of such abuse.

This is, simply, a hysterical witch hunt. Worse, it is the state’s apparatchiks treating our children as their property.

It’s prime instigator is unpeakable harpy and Children’s Minister, Delyth Morgan. She clearly has a bee in her bonnet abut the who child abuse thing, and believes that the state must have primacy over our children, and the rights of parents, in order to protect them.

She also obviously has a prurient obsession with the sexual habits of others, as she issued a further press release this week that contains this absolute gem

The full extent of sexual exploitation is hidden as it mostly takes place away from streets in private homes. It can take many forms from the seemingly ‘consensual’ relationship where sex is exchanged for attention/affection, accommodation or gifts to serious organised crime and child trafficking. What marks out exploitation is an imbalance of power within the relationship with the perpetrator holding some kind of power over the victim, increasing the dependence of the victim as the exploitative relationship develops.

That’s right. Your relationship may seem consensual, but even you can’t be sure until you let Delyth Morgan Sex Stasi into your house to check. Presumably they like to watch.

Excellent coverage of the whole issue of Authoritarian Statists and the NSPCC vs HE, liberty and democracy can be found at Bishop Hill Blog.


2 Responses

  1. Actually, I doubt that the termagant Morgan believes any of this stuff.

    It’s just a convenient peg to hang their real agenda on – abolishing home education so as to extend and entrench their power, and ensure their monopoly over the minds of the next generation.

    Abolition, of course, will be achieved by the well-tested method of erecting irrational arbitrary beaureacratic hurdles (licencing, regulation, restrictions, fees, inspections, targets, czars – we all know the drill), which will be raised ever-higher with each manufactured scandal, until hardly anyone can be bothered any more. Then, those few will be castigated as “just a few extremist right-wing cranks”, and nobody will mind when the final ban arrives.

    I give it five years. And don’t hold your breath for Cameron to rein these people in.

  2. “Actually, I doubt that the termagant Morgan believes any of this stuff.”

    I’m not sure. She could be simply invoking folk devils to push her agenda, and would by no means be alone in that, but there’s something quite hysterical about Morgan’s output that makes me think she is a true believer. Possibly she is being used as a handy tool by people who aren’t.

    “abolishing home education so as to extend and entrench their power, and ensure their monopoly over the minds of the next generation.”

    It certainly looks that way, doesn’t it ? Frightening.

    Educate our children (and they are ours, the state’s, and not yours) the way WE tell you to, or we will be around to find out why you don’t. And since we didn’t provide you with a specification or any standards judgement will be entirely arbitrary and subjective. Be afraid.

    The longer the Labour borg stays in power, the more I wonder if I’m not paranoid enough.

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