Daily Mail : You can DIE of GAY!

Writing in the Daily Mail (who else would publish such utter shite ?) about the death of Boyzone band member Stephen Gately, retarded big hair harpie Jan Moir suggests that you can actually die of gay.

All the official reports point to a natural death, with no suspicious circumstances

Oh, OK, no problem then ? No, hang on

But, hang on a minute. Something is terribly wrong with the way this incident has been shaped and spun into nothing more than an unfortunate mishap on a holiday weekend, like a broken teacup in the rented cottage.

Oh, OK, so there’s more to the story ? Some suggestion that the autopsy was wrong, or that there was a cover up ?

A post-mortem revealed Stephen died from acute pulmonary oedema, a build-up of fluid on his lungs.

Gately’s family have always maintained that drugs were not involved in the singer’s death, but it has just been revealed that he at least smoked cannabis on the night he died.

Nevertheless, his mother is still insisting that her son died from a previously undetected heart condition that has plagued the family.

Well, I hate to tell you Jan dear, but despite what the Daily Mail might publish, I can confirm that smoking cannabis does not make your lungs fill with fluid, but OK, take your point, maybe the boy liked a toke, so the fuck what ? And it seems that there is a congenital heart condition in his family that could easily be to blame, so you’ve had your spiteful and ignorant little Daily Mail “drugs are bad, m’kay?” poke, and we can all move on, yeah ?

No ?

Another real sadness about Gately’s death is that it strikes another blow to the happy-ever-after myth of civil partnerships.

What. The. Fuck ??? Jan, did you just suggest that he died of gay marriage ? Did you ?

Yet the recent death of Kevin McGee, the former husband of Little Britain star Matt Lucas, and now the dubious events of Gately’s last night raise troubling questions about what happened.

Do you know, I rather think you did yes. In fact you have just managed to suggest, well, actually I think the term is insinuate that civil partnerships are basically fatal. Working from a sample of two people.

For. Fucks. Sake, you bigoted, ignorant bint.


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