O’Neil appoints Fry Comissioner Of Thought Police

Wow, just wow.

Brendan O’Neil heaps further responsibility on to Fry in this First Post article.

So now, as well as being appointed Captain of the Good Ship Free Speech (possibly plunging) by Yasmin Alihabi-Brown, he is now also awarded the title of Jackbooted Commissioner of the Authoritarian Thought police by O’Neil.

Is there no end to the man’s talents ?

O’Neil of course, misses most of the point in his burbling outrage about the “dark side of twitter”

So her words weren’t just wrong or prejudiced – they were potentially criminal. I thought it was only authoritarian, Orwellian regimes that treated thoughts and speech as crimes?

Yes, Brendan, it is indeed Like the one we suffer under right now. But we do have those laws, don’t we ? And if you accept (as I do) that the right to freedom of speech is one of the most fundamental and important freedoms, you have to accept that every now and then, people will cause offence. Freedom of speech is a licence to piss people off, and people have to live with the consequences of that.

Take Geert Wilders for instance, who is currently discovering that if you exercise your democratic right to insult millions of people by saying that the prophet Mohammed is a donkey shagger, or whatever the voice-over track over his rather banal looking video of chaps having bazooka fun says that’s got everyone riled up, you can expect a certain percentage of them will exercise their democratic right to follow you everywhere and call you a cunt. Fair’s fair, eh ?

Although Brendan is to dense to realise it, he is in fact making a reasoned argument for abandoning laws which criminalise “hate speech”.

I think this would be a good thing, personally, Fry may well disagree, I could not possibly comment. I suspect many rights groups and activists most certainly would disagree. Harriet Harman would die at the the very thought of repealing them. Which reminds me, I should tweet her a link to this.

But if those laws were not there, all that would have resulted from the Moir bashing would have been freedom of expression. No one would have had a legal cudgel to beat Moir with.

All anyone could have done is called her rotten names in the interwebs.

Boo Fucking Hoo.


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