It’s winter, there’s discontent. Oh Bugger.

When it was the steel workers at Corus, no one much cared. Steel is pretty fungible stuff, people don’t have any particular immediate requirement in their lives to go and and buy some unprocessed steel. I’m sure that it was the most important thing in the world for steel workers, their families and their communities, but the wider public watched and for the most part went, for want of a better word, ‘meh’.

Now though it’s the firemen, the bin men and the post men

It is, as it turns out, also the bus drivers and the border guards

It is spreading.

And it’s those kind of things that people notice straight away. When the bins aren’t emptied, when the post stops working and the buses disappear. When they have to call out the army to put out fires.

And then there will be a great wailing and a gnashing of the teeth, and the people will be as one and say, as you do, “What is the government going to do to fix this ?”

And Gordon will look at Peter and say “That’s another fine mess you got me into!” or some such bum gravy. But then what ?

I hope the power stays on, because otherwise I’m revolting.

Update : Fixed links,duh.


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