PMQs Transcript : What happened after Cam went to the pub

I know everyone switches off after Cam has finished punching Gordon until he cries, so here’s a round up of what happened afterwards.

Green Plant : Gordon, I love you! Will You Save The World ?
Gordon: Yeah, baby.

Pie Mistress : I love you, I love what you’re doing with children, will you buy me a rabbit ? Tories hate babies!!!!
Gordon : Thanks for eating all the Pies. Yes, we love children, the Tories hate them, and EAT them!

Michael Moor : You fucking pension thief!
Gordon : Fuck off, they get free TV licences and a bus pass.

Random Single Issue Plant : I Love you! Will you do something for 6 people I know ?
Gordon : Thanks for licking me, of course I will.

Peter Bone : Can we have our EU rebate back please ? Tony only gave it up to buy the presidency
Gordon : No, you can fuck off. Europe is great. And after Tony has been prez, it will be my turn, BWAHAHAHAHHA

Dobbin : Will you start a health Nazi program to tell people what to eat please
Gordon : Fuck, yes, of course I will. I love poking my nose in where it doesn’t belong, I’m a socialist !

Ethrington : Haway the lads! HANG THE BANKERS !
Gordon : Yeah! Bastards!

James Posh : How green are you really ?

All : Bercow is a tosser!

So, now you know.


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