BNP on QT : Will Everyone Calm The Fuck Down

I have seen more utter bum gravy spewed by more vile, totalitarian, statist haters of freedom on the TV today than any other day I can remember. And the BNP haven’t even had their say yet.

In my lifetime, we were prepared to turn much of the Northern Hemisphere into little more than a self illuminating glass car park in order to protect our liberty to think and speak as we wish.

Before that we fought a bloody big war with millions dead. All in the name of protecting our freedoms and those of others.

All of that sacrifice means that odious little turds like Nick Griffin get t have their say whether you or I or Dianne bloody Abbot agree with him or not.

Freedom of speech, like democracy, is for everyone, or it it is for no one, it really is that simple.

So, everyone just calm the fuck down, please. Your democracy is functioning properly. For a change.


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