Iain Dale : Why I am still not an MP

Let’s be clear, as Iain is wont to say, Iain Dale is far and away my favourite media whore. He’s a tireless self promoter and you have to admire someone who has actually achieved a mild degree of celebrity for, well, saying stuff.

He is also my second favourite Tory, after Michael Portillo. Both of them share my favourite attribute of a Tory in that neither of them are currently in power (Hague is disqualified from participating because of this rule, although Boris might sneak in on an exception, who knows.)

Sometimes, I wonder how he manages to keep missing out on being selected, then other times, you get such gems as this tweet from the Dublin Web Summit, tweeted by @tweetminster

8 million watch strictly come dancing, same number watched Nick Griffin “it’s the same people” Iain Dale (much audience LOL here) #dws

Let’s be clear (that’s enough Dale impressions – ed) Iain didn’t necessarily in fact just say that everyone who watches Strictly Come Dancing is a racist.


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