Alan Johnson – Dribbling trot mentalist drinks fullsome from poisoned chalice

It has long been mooted that the Home Office is something of a poisoned chalice, and the last twelve years have done nothing to dispel this impression with a succession of frothing at the mouth nutters being broken upon it’s wheel.

Latest corpse on the pile is due to be the career of current Home Sec Alan Johnson. The interview linked below appears to be – so far – the only TV face time on the issue that Johnson has given, even News24 are rolling the Sky footage, and according to Krishnan Guru-Murthy of C4 news fame

krishgm : Home Office still refusing to come on C4 News about drugs policy, for third day in a row.

It’s quite easy to see why. In the Adam Boulton interview AJ shows his true colours, incandescently angry dribbling trot mentalist without a clue.

Dribbling Trot Mentalist

Dribbling Trot Mentalist

I can think of better ways to destroy your political credibility than losing your rag like that on a Sunday morning interview, but not many.

Yesterday Charlotte Gore opined

I did think the reason Gordon gave Alan the Home Secretary job was to basically destroy his popularity forever.1:28 PM Oct 31st from Tweetie

In which case, job done.

Johnson does neither himself or his office (or indeed his party) any favours by acting like this, he clearly isn’t handling this well at all, and as the day continues I imagine he will continue to be made to look petty and stupid.

And there was once a rumour that this man would try and knock Gordon off the top spot ? Dream on, Alan.


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