It is 06:15 or thereabouts, no one has won. Labour have lost. The greens have an MP. Jacqui Smith Is out.

I am shitfaced and weird from red bull, blogging from my iPhone, and it is all, still, to play for.

Right now, Peter Mandelson is timesharing between putting together a legal challenge to the whole election and felating Nick Clegg,

Balls, sadly, kept his seat and remains a cunt.

But Labour lost. And will continue to lose even if they try to form a coalition.

The next hours and days will be fascinating, as much because they mark the end of the “new labour” project as anything else.

Or something.

Tired,drunk,strungout,hopeful. And now there will need to be some fence mending. As kirsty wark is wont to say, more on that later.


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