Twitter Capacity Twatter

Apparently at some point shortly before I started typing this, twitter went over capacity and started showing people the fail whale.

Apparently someone told twitter that Kanye West, who I believe is a singer, was dead. Kanye west is not dead, but the storm of tweets continues unabated.

Rather humorously, one of the trending topics is ‘capacity’ as loads of people log in and post messages about twitter being over capacity, some times more than once.

Oh the humanity. And that is what I find so entrancingly attractive about watching twitter.


Annnnd back in the room

Well, that was a much longer break than I had originally expected, almost four months it seems.


I love the smell of breaking crypto in the morning…

… smells like, smells like, er, Red Bull.

Well, I mean it’s not the morning, and to be honest anything that yields so easily to a quick bit of frequency analysis and a cheeky bit of known plain text attacking is hardly fit to describe itself as ‘crypto’.

And it’s actually a supermarket brand generic energy drink.

But it progresses client work, and so here I am beating my geeky little code monkey chest into the void of cyberspace. Well hell, what else are blogs for ?

As we hax0rly types are wont to say, w00t!, pwned! and indeed my personal all time favourite, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA.

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