Fucktard of the day : Newcastle Council Leader David Faulkner

It’s hard to describe the profound fukwittery that inspired this particular post, so it will mostly be quotes. The first one is from the aforementioned David Faulkner, leader of Newcastle’s LIb Dem council, who, the Newcastle Chronicle reports, has written a letter to Nick Clegg thusly

A PLEA for help has been made to Nick Clegg as Newcastle faces up to “the toughest four years in its history”.

Well, I beg to fucking differ David, you utter cunt. I would say, if I were looking for the worst years, I’d start around 1939 or so. And take into account things like this

Millie Matthews is one of those people. Now in her 80s, she was 13 in 1941.

When the sirens sounded just after 11pm on the night of 3 May, Millie and around 200 others crammed into the Wilkinson’s shelter, beneath the town’s lemonade factory.

It was Saturday night and music from an accordion filled the shelter.

They couldn’t hear the bombs falling; they didn’t hear the direct hit that crashed through the factory at quarter to 12.

And when the bomb exploded on the floor above them it sent heavy machinery crashing down on the people cowering below.

Ninety six people died there and then; others died later from their injuries.

So no, David Faulkner, not really.


#CleggFail : 70 Days To Save Democracy

Nick Clegg is clearly very confused this week, calling for the Queen’s speech to be

cancelled in favour of an emergency programme of reform.

Wow, well that sounds great, reform is good, yeah ? Problem is that poor Cleggy trips over his own arguments

there are just 70 sitting days left before it is dissolved for the general election, too little time to debate and approve the Government’s latest legislative shopping list. The current average time taken for laws to make it from first reading to royal assent is 240 days.

So if we need 240 days just to get through a bog standard piece of legislation, how the blue fuck does he expect to get through a complete programme of parliamentary reform in just 70 days ?

After the expenses scandal, this Parliament has destroyed its own legitimacy. Not in living memory has confidence in politicians, trust in the system, or faith in the Government’s capacity to change things been as low as it is today. People are no longer willing to respect the will of this failed Parliament.

Well, quite Nick. So what makes you think that this parliament, even assuming it could get its act together to agree a set of reforms and have a proper, democratic, referendum within just 70 days, would have any legitimacy whatsoever in doing so?

This rump Parliament, brought to its knees by scandal, has one final chance left to redeem itself.

‘Fraid not Nick, this particular parliament is completely irredeemable, the one gift it could really give its successor with any legitimacy whatsoever is an early general election. And that is not within your gift, either.

We hear a lot of talk about Labour trying to replace their leader, perhaps it is time for the Lib Dems to do the same, there is an election coming up, you know.

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