Tweetgate : MPs who block followers – gotta collect them all

Scandal in the internets! Oh noes!
An interesting blog post from Mark Reckons today suggests that some MPs have been blocking people from following them on twitter.

Apprantly, this has happened to a few people as evidenced by further blog posts from Sarah Bedford – who seems to have been blocked by Nadine Dorries MP for some perceived slight – and Parlez~me~’n~Tory who details the rather more serious case of Parmjit Dhanda MP apparently blocking one of his constituents and subsequently writing her an abusive letter after a tweet that even a fully paid up member of the Permanently Outraged would be hard pressed to take offence at.

Mark asked if any others had been blocked by MPs. And it was in fact only then that I realised that my twitterverse had been blissfully empty of empty headed rhetoric from “Twitter Tsar” Kerry McCarthy MP and egregious bullshit from perennial blowhard Tom Harris MP, both of whom I had been following at some point.

So I popped over to their twitter profiles to click the follow button and lo! Both of them had blocked me. Sweet! Now in fairness to them, and in the spirit of openness and transparency, I will publish the last tweets that I directed at them here. If you’ve never read this blog before, I should tell you up front that I am not very nice.

Swearing, it is big, and it is clever
KerryMP had just made some extraordinarily bitchy remark about Nadine Dorries, I don’t much give a toss about Nadine Dorries, but KerryMP had been in full flow about her for some time, so what the hell.

@kerrymp OMFG you’re so FUCKING FUNNY

Tom Harris had just written some arse clenchingly gushing blog post about how wonderful Tony Blair is, ending with this gem.

So I’m looking forward to what I guess can be called the third part of “The Blair Trilogy”. But not half as much as I’m looking forward, on this one occasion, to deleting any comment that describes Tony as either a liar or a war criminal.

Because he is neither.

And he posted a link to it in twitter, as you do. To which I rather thoughtfully replied

RT @TomHarrisMP: The return of Tony Blair! Blair is both a liar and a war criminal. Delete that, fucktard.

I did say I wasn’t very nice, but jeez, Louise, talk about thin skinned. I mean I don’t know if Tom just hates me because I think Blair is a liar and a war criminal or because made a sweary at him.

Gotta collect ’em all!
This got me to thinking, if such it can be called, that it might be fun to have @ various tweeting MPs to see how many I can get to block to me. The only thing that’s stopping me is the high probability that I would quickly end up on the radar of the The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre.

But still, the urge is perversely strong. Perhaps if I do it slowly, subtly …

@DavidLammyMP Doesn’t love the NHS! You can tell from his twitter pic, which lacks the current standard logo. Pah.

Captains Log, Supplemental
If you do find yourself blocked from some MP’s tweet feed, for making swearies at them or for some other reason, despair not, you can still read their tweets via their twitter pages, and you can, in fact, still send them messages.

You can also try the rather fun apps from tweetminster, with whom I am in no way affiliated (just a fan). Their web app LiveWire and their Adobe Air twetdeck-a-like desktop app ‘The Tweetminster Wire Lite‘, which I’ve been playing with today.

These should slake your MP stalking thirst as they list tweets from all MPs, PPCs and various other political bods.


Twitter Capacity Twatter

Apparently at some point shortly before I started typing this, twitter went over capacity and started showing people the fail whale.

Apparently someone told twitter that Kanye West, who I believe is a singer, was dead. Kanye west is not dead, but the storm of tweets continues unabated.

Rather humorously, one of the trending topics is ‘capacity’ as loads of people log in and post messages about twitter being over capacity, some times more than once.

Oh the humanity. And that is what I find so entrancingly attractive about watching twitter.

O’Neil appoints Fry Comissioner Of Thought Police

Wow, just wow.

Brendan O’Neil heaps further responsibility on to Fry in this First Post article.

So now, as well as being appointed Captain of the Good Ship Free Speech (possibly plunging) by Yasmin Alihabi-Brown, he is now also awarded the title of Jackbooted Commissioner of the Authoritarian Thought police by O’Neil.

Is there no end to the man’s talents ?

O’Neil of course, misses most of the point in his burbling outrage about the “dark side of twitter”

So her words weren’t just wrong or prejudiced – they were potentially criminal. I thought it was only authoritarian, Orwellian regimes that treated thoughts and speech as crimes?

Yes, Brendan, it is indeed Like the one we suffer under right now. But we do have those laws, don’t we ? And if you accept (as I do) that the right to freedom of speech is one of the most fundamental and important freedoms, you have to accept that every now and then, people will cause offence. Freedom of speech is a licence to piss people off, and people have to live with the consequences of that.

Take Geert Wilders for instance, who is currently discovering that if you exercise your democratic right to insult millions of people by saying that the prophet Mohammed is a donkey shagger, or whatever the voice-over track over his rather banal looking video of chaps having bazooka fun says that’s got everyone riled up, you can expect a certain percentage of them will exercise their democratic right to follow you everywhere and call you a cunt. Fair’s fair, eh ?

Although Brendan is to dense to realise it, he is in fact making a reasoned argument for abandoning laws which criminalise “hate speech”.

I think this would be a good thing, personally, Fry may well disagree, I could not possibly comment. I suspect many rights groups and activists most certainly would disagree. Harriet Harman would die at the the very thought of repealing them. Which reminds me, I should tweet her a link to this.

But if those laws were not there, all that would have resulted from the Moir bashing would have been freedom of expression. No one would have had a legal cudgel to beat Moir with.

All anyone could have done is called her rotten names in the interwebs.

Boo Fucking Hoo.

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